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PYN-up Spitfire

Although not ususally conisdered the "main" subject of my PYN-up Decals Spitfire decal set, fellow modeler Rubin Torres sent me these photos of his stunning model of Flight Officer Jack Sheppard’s Spitfire LF.Vb assigned to 401 Sq, RCAF, at RAF Biggin Hill during July-October 1943.

This is first-rate modeling and I’m sure you’ll enjoy viewing Rubin’s creativity and expertise. Personally, I LOVE this bird!

Ruben Torres' Spitfire PYN-up

Ruben Torres Spitfire PYN-up Nose Art

OK, I’m going to commit the modeler’s equivalent of tossing a big chunk of raw meat into a den of hungry lions: 401 Squadron was comprised of Canadians, and was apparently technically a Royal Canadian Air Force squadron. Canadians state the official nomenclature was “401 Squadron, RCAF.” However, most published references (albeit they’re mostly British) describe the nomenclature of the squadron as “401 (Canada) Squadron, RAF.” Whoa! Are you Canadians going to put up with that? The good news is that the markings and decals are the same regardless of who wins that catfight! Let the frenzy continue.

Note that the artwork actually painted on the aircraft differed in many respects, including size and exact placement on the fuselage, from the chalked outline used by the painter and photographed in Bob Bracken’s outstanding book on Canadian Spitfires. If you don’t have this book, and you like Spitfires, get it right away. He also did a second volume on Canadian-flown Spitfires, and it’s outstanding as well.

Although the plane was generally in the “A” camouflage scheme, note the non-standard camouflage demarcations on the mid fuselage around the cockpit.

We don’t believe the girl was applied to the right side, but have supplied an extra decal in case a photo surfaces later.

The other subject in this decal set is the much better known USAAF Spitfire IXc "Tolly-Hello."

I have a few of these sets left.



PYN-up Decals Spitfire Beauties.This set has sold on eBay for well over $450! The coolest Spits ever: Spitfire Vb, EN921, kneeling nude artwork, YOA, F/O Jack Sheppard, 401 Squadron, RCAF, Biggin Hill, July-October, 1943; Spitfire IXc, MK210, Tolly/Hello (HUGE reclining nude artwork), Lt Col Gustav Lundquist, USAAF, Flight Test Section, Wright Field, late Spring 1944, Bluie West 8, Greenland, & Boscombe Down, England (BTW, when this Spit was returned to the Brits after American testing and long-range modifications, their main comment was "waste of a good Spitfire!."

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