Cresswell RAAF P-40E Markings Video

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Cresswell P-40E Markings Video

Here is the video I put together for you describing and explaining the dramatic RAAF markings on Squadron Leader Dick Cresswell’s P-40E-1-CU (and as depicted in our PYN-up Decals set PYND48025).

This video fell off my website for some reason, but here it is again–enjoy! (This is a big video file and requires a high-speed internet connection)

(And go build a model!!!!!)




PYN-up Decals Curtiss Cuties #2. P-40E-1-CU, RAAF/Australia/United Kingdom/US flags on left nose, 77 Sq, RAAF, S/L Dick Cresswell, Goodenough Island, New Guinea, Late 1942. Watch my video for full details on how this bird was marked. The second subject is the well-known and extremely interesting P-40N-5-CU, 49th FG/7th FS, “Empty Saddle”/”Keystone Kathlene,” #20, Maj Arland Stanton, Squadron Commander, Gusap, New Guinea, early 1944. An exceptionally strange aspect of this ship was the national insignia, which was based on a star “cocarde” as used by the USAAF from August 1942 to June 1943 (a simple blue disk where the white star tips touch the outside edge of the blue circle. White bars WITHOUT blue outlines were added to this marking on the wings and fuselage. As noted, the simple star “cocarde” was last officially used in June 1943, well before this ship was photographed in early 1944. The great nose art, along with the white tail surfaces and oddball national insignia make this a noteworthy subject!




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