I will add FAQs to this list as time goes on, so check back as necessary.

  • The most frequent question I receive is "will XYZ resin set be available?" NO — there are NO resin sets available).
  • Your credit card or PayPal statement will show your order was processed by "Asphaleia Business Systems Ltd.," so don’t be surprised when you see that name rather than "Fine Art Of Decals."
  • Shipping Policies
  • Domestic (Inside the United States)

    Shipping to US addresses is a flat $5.00! I don’t care where you actually live, as long as the shipping address is in the US, I’ll ship any number of decal sets for $5.00. I normally ship once per week, on Mondays.


    Shipping to all international addresses is a flat $15.00 for as many decal sets as you wish to purchase in a single transaction. This means if you buy one decal set, the shipping charge is $15.00. If you buy 10 decal sets, you’ll still be charged only $15.00. With the US dollar at record low value against most non-US currencies, this is a good deal. I normally ship once per week, on Mondays.

    Due to repeated and massive fraud, I will no longer ship to Argentina, Communist China, Russia, or South Korea. If you order and your shipping or billing address is in one of these countries, I will refund your payment.

    Recorded Delivery

    All shipments are sent with delivery confirmation. There are no exceptions, and this service is included in the shipping charge.

  • Some Of These Decal Sets Are Occasionally Available On eBay. Can I Buy There?

  • Absolutely. You have the ultimate say about where you make your modeling purchases. eBay is a great marketplace, and if you’re happy with paying the typical prices for Cutting Edge, PYN-up, and Yellowhammer decals on eBay, jump to it! I do not currently sell these decal sets on eBay, but will probably offer them at much higher prices on eBay later.

  • Can I Buy These Decal Sets From Other Online (Or Storefront) Hobby Shops?

  • No. I’m doing this from my home on a very part-time basis. I cannot take the time to deal with all the issues of dealing with trade customers as well as you, a real modeler. I prefer to work directly with you and meet your needs, without any necessity of dealing with intermediaries.

  • All Sales Are Final

  • All sales are final. In the unlikely situation where a decal set has as manufacturing defect, refund or replacement will be made upon return of the defective item to me in undamaged condition.

  • If You Were A Tree, What Kind Of Tree Would You Be?

  • WTF!! What the hell kind of question is that?

  • Payment Options

  • I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal, and all orders must be processed through this website. I CANNOT accept American Express, checks, cash, cattle, chickens. goats, or mail orders.

  • Out Of Stock Items

  • I do not have time, unfortunately, to keep the website catalog pages completely up-to-date by removing sold out decal sets. Any set you order that is out of stock at the time of order will be refunded ASAP.

  • Do You Sell At Model Shows?

  • No. Sorry.