Testimonials For My Decals

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Peter Espada
Professional Modelermaker

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Jim Rotramel
“Mr Vark” On HyperScale

Hi Dave,

Little Miss Mischief has always been one of my favourite B-17s, because of the mix-up of camouflaged and natural metal parts and the very nice lady up front! It’s good that finally we will have a 100% accurate decal sheet to go with the Monogram B-17. Keep up the excellent work !!!

Patrick Janssen

Recieved the new B-52 decals today and they look GREAT. My future BUFF’s will stand out very well from my small air force. Thanks for your support by creating these decals. Hope we can do more business in the future. Take care.

John "Wingnut" Revell

Dear Mr. Klaus,

On behalf of service men and women currently serving abroad, I wanted to thank you for your support of our military personnel currently serving overseas and actively fighting the Global War on Terrorism. You have a great website, and I think your decals are top notch. I want my wife to get Christmas stuff for me, and I want our money to support the folks that support us!!!

Thanks again for your support,

Dave Wallace, CPT, US Army
Serving In Iraq

Hi Dave

I just wanted to tell you, I am having a friend of mine build a 1/48th scale model of the B-29 Dauntless Dotty. He has been building models for years, and all of his builds have been museum quality. He sent me an email to tell me he had received the decals, and they are in his words, " the best most acurate he has ever seen, well worth the money"!! He really knows his stuff!! Thanks for a great product and I will send you a photo when the plane is finished.

Best regards

Marty Potts

Good afternoon,

Today I received my order of two sheets of the PYN-up decals number 72005, Bomber Babes part 1.

I was expecting decals of a good quality, with good resolution.

What I received was much better than I would have ever hoped for! They are the best looking decals for a 1/72nd scale model that I have seen in my many years of modeling. I know a member of "Dauntless Dotty’s" crew and I can not wait to get the model finished to present to him. Your great decals will certainly be the best finishing touch for his model.

I will keep an eye out for other decals from this company for subjects that I have a desire to build.

Thanks again.

Tom Reimer

My order on the Pyn-Up decals arrived today here in Helsinki, Finland. WOW! These are absolutely the finest decals I have ever seen. Ten points! Keep up doing the good work. The decals were expensive, but well worth the investment.

It is unfortunate there are few "handsome nude dude" nose-arts available for the sake of sexual equality, but the print quality of the girlies was excellent!

Susanna Viljanen

Hello Dave,

I must say I am particularly impressed with your own line of decals. Recently I picked up a couple of U-2 sheets for the U-2A. There are markings in there for one Australian-based U-2A "City of Sale". I have just relocated to Sale from Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and now work at the RAAF base at Sale. A recent newspaper article here on U-2/RB-57 ops in Australia in the 60’s spurred my interest and lo and behold – I find the subject of interest on one of your sheets.

I almost must commend you on your Colour Reference Guide published some years back. A fabulous resource.

You are to be congratulated for giving so much to our hobby Dave!

Best regards

Alfred Stolfa

Hi Dave,

I have bought a total of 11 Cutting Edge sheets in 1/72, and so far have used decals from 4 of those sheets. All are excellent in color registration, adhere to a glossy finish extremely well, and conform to curved, as well as flat, surfaces.

I just completed a model of the Hobbycraft 1/72 Bell X-1 and used Cutting Edge sheet 72109. I was very impressed with how opaque the white decal sections were; there is NO bleed through of the orange fuselage color in the national insignia star and bars.

I was also impressed with how well the VAQ-140 markings from Cutting Edge sheet 72207 fit over and conformed to the ECM blister antennas on the vertical stabilizer of the EA-6B kit. I took the decal sheet option to use the USS John C. Stennis markings. Thanks to that option, I now have models with the markings of all except 3 US Navy aircraft carriers from USS Langley through USS Harry S. Truman.


Bill Lee